The snow is out of control!!!! Seriously, If it snows one more day!!! 

Not sure if you guys can tell there, but I'm not very fond of Winter.  Nor am I a big fan of cold, bleek and dreary days.  I not so secretly want to pack all my stuff and move someplace warm (Florida/Texas) STAT.  I'll change my mind in the Spring/Summer/Fall months, but cold and Kristina are just not friends.  

The only plus of snow, is that it's awesome to shoot in.  I do love a good snow photo with falling snow... it has such a magical quality to it.  Snow is also an amazing natural reflector.  No flash for this guy today!


There is this awesome park in Yaphank right on Carman's River (Next to the Mill House).  It's got a completely refurbished play ground, access to the river and plenty of open space.  It's one of our favorite parks to visit.  After work, there was about 20 minutes of sunlight left, so we hightailed it over there to play on the swings.  For those 15-20 minutes playing and having fun, the horrible Winter and snow didn't seem too bad <3