30 Minutes in the Life - At the Greenhouse!


For this weeks 30 Minutes in the Life, we took a trip to the Hank Hulse greenhouses in Manorville.

Gardening is not my thing. John and Olivia however LOVE growing plants and tending their gardens.


Olivia picked out several herbs for our deck garden. This year, we’re growing basil, oregano, cilantro, rosemary and flat leaf Italian parsley. She asked if we could grow Nutella plants, and was super sad to find out that is not an actually thing.


Besides herbs, she also got a few tomato plants and annuals to either hang or plant in our yard.


And now it’s time to bring all this stuff home and get our hands dirty with planting!

And that, my friends sums up 30 minutes in the life of the Dominianni family. Thank you for joining me! Please be sure to follow along the blog circle, and see what my amazingly talented friend Ivana A L'ala is up to this month by clicking here!

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