Long Island Family Photographer - Hello Olivia Photography Days 55-56/366

The weather is seriously killing me right now.  Every day when I get home, it's gloomy and dark - so sadly I think my photos reflect my mood!


The weather on Long Island (especially out east) was dangerously close to Sandy, and it scared all of us a bit.  The howling winds, trees falling in the distance and pelting rains were enough to keep us stuck inside.  At one point we heard a loud thud and it sounded close.  Wanting to make sure a tree didn't hit a car or anything important, we went out side to investigate.  This little one was not happy with that idea.  When I saw her little face looking outside the window, I needed to capture it. 

Today was still rainy/gloomy, however the winds (thank goodness) are over.  I think everyone is just waiting for the week to just BE DONE ALREADY.  


Today, this one was in a mood - but sadly, I think we all are.  Someone somewhere said something like 80 more days till spring.  Ay Dios mio! I need sunshine in my life!

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