Long Island Family Photographer - Hello Olivia Photography Days 53-54/366

Hi Friends, 

It's already been a LONG week and it's only Tuesday! It's like life knows we're going away on a mini vacation to the Poconos this weekend so the week has to drag its feet!

On Monday, after work the weather was so mild we took out Olivia's bicycle. 


She had a great time zipping up and down the block.  This kid has a serious need for speed!

Once she was exhausted from bike riding, she managed to find the last little bit of snow.....


to throw right in Daddy's face! That's sooooo my kid!


Today was more rain and gray skies - so we stayed inside.... I wanted to attempt to take a macro shot with the 200L, and this is what I came up with: 


And of course no day is complete without a tubby pic... 


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