30 Minutes in the Life - September 2019 | Hello Olivia Photography

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Life doesn’t stop. I blinked and September was over. Every day seems to bleed into the next. With the mad rush of getting the kids off to their respective drop off points, going to work, rushing home for activities, dinner and bedtime, it’s no wonder everything is a blur.

As a family, we need to focus more on slowing down and making the time we do spend together count.

That said, we spent 30 minutes just hanging out in our driveway, coloring up a storm.


While I might be biased, I definitely agree that these are the best sisters ever.

And that, my friends sums up 30 minutes in the life in September! Thank you for joining me! Please be sure to follow along the blog circle, and see what my amazingly talented friend Jess Knowlton from The Art of Adventures is up to this month by clicking here!

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