30 Minutes in the Life - November: At The Movies!


We are pretty big Disney people… Disney movies especially. So when we found out that one of our favorites, Wreck it Ralph was making a sequel - we had to be there on opening day for the matinee!

When it was about that time to get ready, my child had a warning sign on her door. This is typical when Olivia is up to something.


I realized pretty quickly why the sign was there. HER ROOM LOOKED LIKE A TORNADO WENT OFF. Clothes everywhere, the blankets on her bed where thrown around and I have no idea where it came from, but a fishing pole was out.

The plus though is that she was mostly dressed and getting ready to go. Since #2 will be arriving in January, I’ve been encouraging her to be more independent. Getting dressed on her own, picking out her own clothes, doing her own hair, etc. While I always appreciate her getting ready all by herself, the sacrifice is that her room is a disaster area.


After tidying up and having breakfast, we prepared to leave. One of her current rituals are these long, drawn out goodbyes with our cats. It includes tons of hugs, throws in the air and smothering hugs and kisses. I’m not sure if I was able to capture the pure joy my cats feel when Olivia does this, but trust me…. they LOVE it ;)


After a quick trip in the car, we made it to our destination - Island 16.


Before the movie - we need some mandatory essentials. Olivia always gets a cherry slushie and popcorn with extra butter. It’s just not the movies without it. In case you were wondering, her snacks usually don’t make it past the previews, but to be honest - mine don’t either!


And that my friends sums up our 30 minutes this November. In case you were wondering - the movie was great. It was awesome to see some of our favorite characters again, and a few surprise appearances by some of our other Disney favorites too!

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