Back in the Saddle Again...

Or more like, back to the same old again…. Sixteen weeks of maternity leave went by like the snap of a finger. Back to the real world of juggling a career, a family and keeping up with this little hobby I love.

It’s not easy.

Photography sadly takes a backseat to all other things, but I’m doing my best to make time to document my growing girlies. While it’s been impossible to shoot daily, as my work/life balance evens out a bit - I’m hoping I’ll get back into a familiar groove of daily shooting. I miss it!!

Right now, Amelia is about two weeks shy of five months and has started teething. Her hands are her favorite things to put in her mouth, but nothing is safe. If she can grab it, she’ll chew on it. We had a wellness visit yesterday and she’s 15lbs and approximately 25 inches. It’s amazing that she doubled her weight in so short a time.

She still has no interest in tummy time, but is pretty good and lifting herself. So far; she has no interest in sitting up on her own. This weekend, I’m going to start introducing rice cereal, so I’m excited to see her reaction to it.

Olivia is getting close to finishing up the 2nd grade. This school year has been somewhat difficult for her and she’s counting down the days until she’s out of there. Shes starting summer camp in July and I’m sure that’s adding to it. They get to go on constant trips to museums and amusement parks so I get the excitement!!

Here’s a look at our past few weeks:

Olivia took this! She did such an amazing job!!

Olivia took this! She did such an amazing job!!


I’ve been trying to take as many images of the girls together as possible. I love how they interact with each other and pray that it always stays this way <3