Disney 2019! | Hello Olivia Photography


Three weeks left and counting you guys! My maternity leave…. all 16 weeks, is slowly coming to an end. Real life is about to begin again.

I’m a bit excited and also DREADING going back to work. I miss adult interaction. I miss my job. Yet, on the flip side, I’ll miss mornings with my two girls. I’ll miss putting Olivia on the bus in the morning. I’ll miss snuggling my sleepy little baby any time I want.

Prior to going back to work, we planned a week long Disney trip. Navigating Disney with spring break crowds with a two month old in tow was not easy, but we managed and had an amazing time.

I’ve committed myself to documenting this trip in video. I’ve been mentoring with another amazing photographer and finally feel like I have to tools to make meaningful films of my family.

I have SO MUCH to learn, but I couldn’t be happier with having this little memento of our first trip as a family of four!

Since video was a priority, I didn’t capture to many images, but here are a few of my favorites:


Now I have to will myself to not be depressed that our next trip isn’t until December of 2020. At least then, Amelia will be just shy of 2 and be a bit more aware of what’s going on :)