Sisters! Hello Olivia Photography | Long Island Family Photographer


I have three sisters. Growing up, we didn't really get along. Being one of seven, there was a lot of sibling rivalry and vying for our parents attention I guess. It also didn’t help that we had some big age gaps.

As we all matured, we slowly started to like one another and now that we are all grown up with families of our own - I count on them as some of my best friends.

Right now, Olivia is struggling to find her place in our new family of four. It’s impossible to give her the same attention she used to receive and I assume she feels like all this attention showered on Amelia is going to be permanent.

As much as I’ve been trying to spend one on one time with both my girls, it’s SO HARD to tell her “No Olivia, I can’t right now” or No Olivia, I have to feed the baby” or “No Olivia, we can’t go out with the baby yet”.

So lately, I’ve been trying to have Olivia do more with her sister. I’ll pump a bottle so she can help with feedings. I’ll let Olivia pick out her sisters clothes or help with her baths. As things start to balance out, my hope is that she’ll grow to love this new little person and be more of a little mom to her, than a mean big sister :)