One Month! A 365 Post - Hello Olivia Photography

Oh how quickly time files when you’re trapped in the house!!! Kidding :)

It’s amazing that my baby is officially a month old. Amazing in that it feels like she has just gotten here, but at the same time - it’s getting hard to remember what life was like with out this little kiddo in it.

As of her one month check up, Amelia has gained back all her birth weight and then some. She is now over 11 lbs and is 23.5 inches long.

Needless to say, she no longer fits into newborn sizes.


Lately, she has been getting more and more predictable with sleep and feedings. It’s not uncommon that she will sleep for four or even five hours at a clip. That certainly makes for one happy mom.


She’s also pretty much on track for all of her one month milestones as well. She’s starting to smile a TON in the morning, opening and closing her fists and getting better at latching (although we still have issues at night).

If a two pound weight gain didn’t already tip you off, this kid loves to eat - and would probably stay attached to me the ENTIRE day if she had her way.

In addition, she is a hardcore snuggler. I can honestly say that for the most part, I don’t mind…. although it does make it a bit more difficult to get things done around the house…. but luckily I just recently invested in a Sakura Bloom, so keeping her close to me isn’t much of an issue anymore.

Since things are finally getting into a predictable rhythm and I finally have more time to dedicate to photography - I kind of resumed my 365… although as mentioned in my last post, I’m giving myself a lot of grace with it. I’ll survive if I miss a day for 3.

To try to get back into the swing of things, I did an hour by hour project… just to document this new normal of being a temporary stay at home mom.

6am: The early morning pump to add to the ever growing stockpile.


7am: Sleeping in.


8am: George waiting to be fed.


9am: Outfit one


10am: Littlest hair salon


11am Outfit two.


12pm Outfit 3




2pm: Olivia being moody.


3pm: Blowout


4pm: Adventures of Super baby.


I’m sure I mentioned that I have been feeling really down in the dumps about my photography lately, and doing a project like this really helps to get me back into the swing of things. If time permits, I want to try my hardest to do one a month - just to document how things are evolving as Amelia gets older.

I also desperately want to get back into shooting film and video - so we’ll see how that goes too.

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