Three Weeks In - Hello Olivia Photography


Life with a newborn is something else! It’s pretty amazing how I forgot so much of the trials and tribulations with Olivia. Sleepless nights, constantly waking up to feed and to make sure your child is breathing, sores and cracks from latch issues and just plain HEALING from labor.

Like with last time, I want to do everything. I want to keep my house clean, my hair blowdried and cook homemade dinners every night. I want to “sleep when the baby sleeps”, still spend quality time with my husband, other daughter and have “ME TIME”.

None of this stuff is happening. None of this stuff is realistic.

With all this overwhelming stuff, there is also so much good. Tiny baby snuggles, little smiles and another little chick to love.

The first week Of Amelia being home was a fog. I really don’t remember much. Feeding, diaper changes and sleep. That’s pretty much everything on repeat in a nutshell.

The second week was a literal nightmare. Without going into crazy detail, Amelia had two abnormal newborn screenings had a trip to the geneticist. All is well (THANK YOU GOD), but it was a rough and scary time.

Now that that is behind us, we are finally back on track and getting used to this new member of our family and figuring out our new normal.

Now that week three is in the books, little Amelia is starting to show us her personality, eating like a champ and gained at least 2lbs since birth. She cries like a banshee when she wants something (food) and loves being held. She also seems to be a good sleeper only waking up typically 2 times a night for feedings (YAY FOR ME!).

While I sometimes feel trapped in my house for days on end because of the very cold weather - we are all making the best of it.

Olivia is struggling a bit trying to figure out her place in all of this, but each week gets a bit better. I feel somewhat guilty because I just can’t spend the time with her that I used too - and she makes sure I know it.

Occasionally, I feel like I’m spreading myself thin by trying to appease everyone - but I know its not possible and I’m trying to give myself some grace. With that being said - I’m NOT shooting a strict 365 this year and need to modify it. I’ll shoot when I can, post when I can and NOT FEEL BAD ABOUT MISSING A FEW DAYS.


My goal for this year is basically just shoot what sparks joy (I’ve been binging Marie Kondo) and just document the things worth documenting. The things that make me happy.

We’ll see how it goes.