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So, I don’t know about anyone else - but I noticed that the weather completely changed this week. Summer is definitly over and there is that hint of chill in the air.

Olivia said to me this morning that the fall is definitly her favorite season - and I tend to agree. Besides sweater weather, I love the jewel tones of the season. Living in New York, we get gorgeous jewel tones of foliage, deep green grass and usually, blue skies (although sadly, its been overcast way more than usual lately).

In the next few weeks we’ll be traveling up to New Paltz again to stay a few days at the Mohonk Mountain House. Words can’t describe how excited I am to finally be staying there in the hight of the season!

This week was mostly keeping to our usual routine. Liv is getting used to school/homework/rinse/repeat and we still have done nothing to prepare for #2’s arrival. Hopefully we will before she actually gets here!

hello-olivia-photography-family-photojournalism-documentary-and lifestyle-photographer-long-island-new-york-child-cat-bicycle.jpg
hello-olivia-photography-family-photojournalism-documentary-and lifestyle-photographer-long-island-new-york11.jpg
hello-olivia-photography-family-photojournalism-documentary-and lifestyle-photographer-long-island-new-york-middle-island-dance-sensations.jpg

This week marks a month that we are back on the dance schedule. Besides Jazz and Tap, Ballet has been added and its been a bit difficult. The steps are much harder to pick up and most of the girls in class have been in it for a few years. This week marks the first week that she actually said she enjoyed it and wants to continue. It’s so cute to see how seriously she takes it and how committed she is to learning the steps.

hello-olivia-photography-family-photojournalism-documentary-and lifestyle-photographer-long-island-new-york-dance-sensations-middle-siland.jpg

This weekend, we had a visitor with us - so I felt like it would be a perfect opportunity to try and not screw up an Hour by Hour project. What us this?

Hour by Hour

Hour By Hour projects document your day each hour that you’re awake. Set a timer per hour and shoot something when that time goes off.

Sounds easy right? It probably is, but I’ve failed it more times than I can count! I think the difference this time is that I actually set myself a timer and really shot whatever we were up to at that moment. Dirty dishes and all!!

Here’s a look:

hello-olivia-photography-family-photojournalism-documentary-and lifestyle-photographer-long-island-new-york-hour-by-hour-project.jpg

You’ll probably notice that I’m continuing with a completely photojournalistic fly on the wall approach this week - and it’s no accident. The genre has completely grown on me and for my own personal work at least - makes me a much happier photographer.

hello-olivia-photography-family-photojournalism-documentary-and lifestyle-photographer-long-island-new-york4.jpg
hello-olivia-photography-family-photojournalism-documentary-and lifestyle-photographer-long-island-new-york-corey-beach-blue-point-playground.jpg
hello-olivia-photography-family-photojournalism-documentary-and lifestyle-photographer-long-island-new-york-middle-island-swing-plad-yaphank.jpg

And that’s week 38 in a nutshell! Until next week!

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