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This week started with a new Clickin Moms Breakout by my good friend Jyotsna Bhamidipati. The course is about capturing mood in photography and I’ve been trying to work through the course materials this week.

It’s one of those super in depth classes that really makes you stop and think about not only the WHY of shooting, but also the how, and when to really capture the stories you want to tell with the emotion you want to evoke.


I mean, any class that actually inspires me to shoot some still life has to be pretty darn good right?

In addition, I’ve been continuing along in my journey of unscripted moments - basically going head first into the scary world of family photojournalism. It might not seem all to much different that what I usually shoot, but I promise it is.

ZERO prompting. Waiting for your moment and allowing a story to naturally unfold. If you don’t act fast, the moment is gone for good!

As a lifestyle photographer that usually loves clean lines, clutter free counters and very strong and clear rule of thirds compositions - this stuff is HARD.

It’s much more messy, much more candid, and much more real. You FEEL THEM. I’m learning to finally let go and embrace imperfection, and I think it’s making me a happier shooter and much more content with my storytelling.

Here’s a look:


So while I still have a ways to go in the documentary world, I’m trying! Happily it leads to much less stress to get that perfect photo and once the story is told, the moment is saved and the camera is put away so I to can live in the moment too. I also don’t feel inclined to constantly clear off all my counters!

All good things.

Of corse, every now and then also need to change things up and shoot a portrait or two.

Sorry not sorry, but old habits die hard! I doubt I’ll every be able to give up portrait photography completely - but its nice to see that my other projects are influencing the other genres I enjoy shooting.

In Baby news, we’re on week #23 - #2 is giving me zero trouble (except heartburn), and I feel like me again with enough energy to tackle the day.

It’s not enough energy though to actually start working on the nursery or buying any of the items we’ll need.

We’ll have to get there eventually :)

Have a great week friends!

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