Why do all my blog posts have something to do with "Catching Up"?

I'm behind again.... FOUR MONTHS BEHIND.

Occasionally, I'm at a complete loss on what to blog about. Today as I sit at my computer - there are so many different things I could write about. 

I could write about random things like Olivia with her cats. 


We've had our big orange cat Handsome for 14 years! He's a (great big) baby most of the time.  While he was frightened of Olivia for most of her life, in the last year or so they've gotten pretty close (the real reason is that she took over feeding him as one of her chores... they say food DOES make the heart grow fonder!). 


This little one is Beast.  She looks like a kitten, but she's about 10.   She is very outgoing and friendly. Her claim to fame is that she follows Olivia everywhere outside. She also loves to sit with us on the swings!


It honestly warms my heart that my fur babies and real baby are developing their own personal connections.  It makes me happy to see how sweet and kind Olivia is her to her pets and to see that the love she has for them is returned <3


Or after practicing for over a year, she built up enough upper body strength to get across the big kid monkey bars at the playground.  

Words can't being to explain her excitement at finally being able to do this.  The dedication and determination on her face says it all!


We could always blog about our December trip to sunny Florida for DISNEY!


We had the BEST time - we stayed at our favorite place - the Boardwalk!  But enough talking.... watch the video <3 

So instead of writing about one thing, I just dumped everything. I can now offically say I caught up on blogging and no longer feel like a neglectful person.  Hooray!!!