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Sadly, photography has kinda been the low man on the totem pole lately. 34 weeks in and my life lately has been filled with a lot of this:


and also a ton of aches, pains and HEARTBURN. There is a roll of tums everywhere. Purse tums, bedroom tums, bathroom tums, car tums, work tums… you name it. Just writing this out, I need to grab my office tums….

The nursery is also in limbo pending the arrival of all the furniture. It’s set to arrive in a few more weeks, but we’ll be cutting it very close. There is still I giant saw and two dear heads in there. YES. Deer heads.


The moldings still need to be finished, but considering that has been on my husbands to do list for the past 5 years, I doubt that’s getting done. Maybe when the baby graduates from College.

Anyway, the last two weeks have been rough for me personally - working, nesting and constant insomnia have made me SUPER GRUMPY. That’s not generally the best mindset to be in for photo taking (since I’m so irritable) - but I did manage to snap a few.

On Sunday, we took a trip into Brooklyn for Italian food. Nothing can be better in my book. Delicious carbs make everything better… and puts me in a much better mindset to document.

It’s obvious that I’m not my usual self, but Olivia has also been kind of off too. She’s in this strange place when it comes to the baby. She’s nervous, anxious and excited - all wrapped up in one. I can’t imagine what it must feel like for a 7 year old to have her life completely turn upside down. I’m not sure if she knows what to make of all of this, and what her place is going to be in it. It’s got to be hard to be the center of the universe and now have to share it.

While driving home, my husband thought it would be a good idea to stop at a pet store - just to look around and cheer our little kid up. Little did I know that we were stopping at a pet store that sells KITTENS. BEAUTIFUL AMAZING KITTENS.

When I heard pet store, I assumed a Puppy store. While puppies are adorable, they are very high maintenance and extremely easy for me to say no to. Cats however, are another story. As soon as we walked in, this little guy was staring us down and I knew it was a lost cause.

Meet George. A 4 month old Maine Coon kitten that seems to be the perfect mixture of our other two cats. He’s loving and affectionate like Handsome, but active and energetic like Beast. He took immediately to Olivia.

It was basically love at first sight for Olivia, and my husband has wanted another cat for YEARS (our other two are getting up there at 14 and 11) so it was win/win for the both of them - and a way for Olivia to have someone special to spend time with and focus her attention on when little sister arrives.

Fast forward a week and George has fit pretty seamlessly into our family. Handsome is pretty accepting of our new addition, however Beast is PISSED. She’ll eventually get over it. I HOPE!

hello-olivia-photography-family-photojournalism-documentary-and lifestyle-photographer-long-island-new-york7.jpg

Thus far, these two have become pretty close and it’s pretty cute to see. She even said something along the lines of not being able to imagine what life was like before George became a part of the family - which I told her would basically be the exact same thing when little sister arrives. I’m not too sure if she believes me, but I think our new reality might be a little easier for her to comprehend and accept now that little Georgie is here to keep her company.

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