Happy Birthday Johnny! - A 365 Post | Hello Olivia Photography

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Gahhhh, baby Johnny just turned two and it’s killing me! It’s hard to think about how fast all these milestones fly by for the littles in our family.

My sister posted all these time hop photos on facebook of him in and coming home from the hospital and it really does feel like yesterday.

I remember taking Liam and Ava to the Stony Brook Hospital for the first time to meet him - and Olivia was SO ANGRY that she wasn’t allowed to go too (but no worries - she have her own turn in a few more months with her own little sister).

I probably won’t have even remembered any of these things if not for facebook reminding us and my gigantic library of flickr photos that tell me exactly what I shot on that day two years ago! YAY technology! But the key here is that regardless of whether the photos you take cell snaps or professional, it really is important to document your days! You’ll thank yourself later.


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Olivia occasionally takes interest in photography and asked to take a few photos. She took this one of Johnny - I have to say - she did a GREAT JOB!!!


On our weekly King Kullen trip:

Screaming out the window to Daddy after school to announce her arrival….AT THE TOP OF HER LUNGS:

Getting ready in the morning (we get ready to leave by 6:20, so we both look pretty miserable!).

hello-olivia-photography-family-photojournalism-documentary-and lifestyle-photographer-long-island-new-york2.jpg

And weekend sleepovers with her besties:

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Have a greet week everyone!