30 minutes in the Life - October 2018 | Hello Olivia Photography


We’re so lucky to have a selection of pretty amazing parks within walking distance from our house, so we try to go to one of them at the very least once a week. Too bad I’ve finally reached that uncomfortably pregnant stage and need to drive everywhere!

The above photo has turned into something of a new routine anytime we do anything now-a-days. Olivia rushes to the car and says “Mom!! It’s my turn to drive!”. She’ll run to the drivers seat, close the door and move the seat all the way up and mess with the mirrors. Eventually, she finally relinquishes my seat and moves herself to her booster. It’s scary to think in 9 more years, this will be my reality.


This week, we went to Cathedral Pines Park. It’s literally a block away from our home and is one of those parks that time sort of forgot about.

This playground is OLD. Like 1970’s, zero safety features old and kind of falling apart… but no matter. Her favorite thing in the world is at this park. It’s this gigantic metal slide that’s about 30 feet tall with a pretty steep decline…. meaning its FAST. Other than being totally dangerous, I have to admit it’s extremely fun to go on. We’ve nicknamed it “The Death Slide” - mostly because you will literally die if you fall off this thing…. and you’ll totally burn your butt off if you chooses to slide down this baby in the summer! I’ve done it…it freaking hurts!


Keeping with the theme of unsafe playground equipment, this park also has some amazing swings. They also seem to be three times as tall as normal swings meaning you can go pretty high and crazy fast on them. No joke, she could probably stay on them all day if we let her. She keeps joking that she’s going to swing as high as she can and jump off… I pray to God that she’s not serious, but you never know with my child.


Eventually its time to head back home, but not before a pit stop. We live 5 minutes away, but you know how these kids roll when they’re having fun.


And that, my friends sums up 30 minutes in the life of the Dominianni family. Thank you for joining me! Please be sure to follow along the blog circle, and see what my amazingly talented friend Sharleen Stuart is up to this month by clicking here!

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