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Did the summer just speed by to you guys, or is it just me? It literally FLEW.   I blinked and it was over.

I mean, it's almost October already!!!!

So what the heck did we do this summer?  I can tell you what I didn't do  - BLOG ANY OF IT!!!  I am seriously the worst with keeping up with this thing.  There always seems to be something more important to do - so sadly this blog suffers.

The summer of 2017 has been a pretty busy one.  Filled with a roller coaster ride of ups and downs. 

To begin, at the very beginning of summer - I took a trip to Denver.


That trip was something else.   It was the first time in my life doing something completely and totally for myself.  It was my first time ever away from my family.  It was my first time everin a state that doesn't hug the Atlantic.

I had high hopes that this experience was going to be amazing - and in many ways it was.   I met some amazing people.  People that have more talent than I could ever imagine. There were people that I clicked with that I know will be life long friends.

Sadly mixed into that amazing group were a few....


You know how it goes. 

The workshop itself was a disaster. Without going into detail of all the little things that happened, the workshop experience as a whole made me realize talent comes in all shapes and sizes.  It made me realize that I am so much better off blazing my own trail.

After coming back from Denver, my good friend Mike Wade from Rural Life Photography talked me into a challenge to help me get some of my photography mojo back. He proposed an F8 24mm Challenge:  Every photo for three days needed to be shot at f8 with a 24mm lens (luckily for me, I have several 24mm lenses to keep it fun).

Needless to say, f8/24mm has become a new favorite for me.  There is this quote attributed to Arthur “Weegee” Fellig "F8 and be there".  After shooting exclusively at F8 for a month it makes so much sense now. You'll never miss a moment when you shoot at F8.  You're right there in the action ready to go.  That works for me! This challenged really recharged my batteries and saved me from what could have been a photography ending rut.  Luckily Mike saved the day.

So, that pretty much summed up June.  Now to work on blog posts for July and August.  I'm sure I'll finish those up some time next year!!!




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