Hello February - Long Island Photographer - Hello Olivia Photography

One month into this year long video project and I'm pretty much obsessed.  I have all these crazy ideas to sell my Mark III and get a dedicated camera for video (my husband would kill me). 

The last few weeks have been pretty nasty weather wise, so I've been shooting a ton of low light / indoor shots (My favorite.... Not).  While I'm not ready to start banging my head against the wall, it's getting close.  The winter blues are pretty rough over here. 

This Sunday, we finally managed to have a nice day, so we took advantage and took a hike in the woods near our home in Ridge.   It was AMAZING to finally be out of the house for more than a few minutes and get some fresh air. 

I know, I took a TON of photos.   I couldn’t help it though - it was FINALLY beautiful out and not freezing!!  We walked down the horse trails for about a mile or so.  There are a ton of native plantings in there very beautiful to look at if your into that sort of thing . The trails cover almost half of of Long Island widthwise which is extremely cool. 

My daughter the fashionista is waaaaay cooler than I ever was.....


A impromptu study on kitchen light.  

She won those googles from Chuck E Cheese a few months ago and quickly lost them.  She found them hidden away in her play room and they are now a bathtub MUST HAVE. 

Just some random photos over the past two weeks.  .... 



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