Every single year.  Every single time day light savings runs around.  It honestly never fails. 

Every year feels worse than the year before (it's not).

 Every year I swear I'm going to quit (I don't). 

Every year I forget that this is temporary. 

I'm not sure if it's because it's just easy with natural light, or if it's because I'm lazy and have to work harder with artificial light - the thought shooting with only artificial light for the next 5 months makes me so depressed. 

In order to push past this rut of mine, these are my options. 

  1.  Buy New Gear
  2. Learn New Techniques
  3. Quit my day job and pull Olivia out of school so that I can shoot during the day. 

Obviously, option 3 is the best one, but not exactly cost effective or legal. The other two options are things that I've tried in the past month.  Gear: I got a Helios and a 50mm 1.2.  While both lenses are wonderful - I still have that feeling. Inside my bones.  It DOES NOT go electric wavey when I turn it on. 

On trying new techniques, I tried to do the full sun thing (which I can't manage when I don't have any sun) and I'm just not FEELING artificial light. 

So, what to do?  I'm going to stop being a whiny baby and deal with it. 


First - I'm trying to recreate the wheel with studio light.  I'm trying different things to try to make it a little less boring. 

I'm also trying to focus less on the light and more on the moment - since its so hard to have both when shooting indoors in the dark.  As much as I love pretty light, I'd rather have an amazing moment captured vs some pretty light anyday (but secretly wish I could have BOTH). 

Second, I sorta kinda stepped away from social media.  Not because of any issue or anything, but I feel like its that time for me.  So - if you don't see me around, I promise I'm still shooting!!!


As a gift for me being MIA for a while, heres a video directed by Olivia: