Where is the sun? Long Island Photographer - Hello Olivia Photography

Alright guys.  I'm sick of this. It's freaking cold, gross, dark and just plain GLOOMY.   I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!

But seriously, being a full time working mom juggling my art on top of all my usual "adulting" duties is a real drag when the light is just uninspiring. 

I feel like there is only so many ways to recreate the wheel when shooting in the winter- but enough of my complaining.  Here's what we've been up to:


This has been our Long Island weather in a nut shell. Miserable, nasty, FREEZING....insert whatever adjective you wish to describe how absolutely gross its been here.  (Wow.... I'm really whiny today!)


I managed to get home from work with about 10 minutes of daylight to spare.  Liv has been begging us to ride her bike, so it was a perfect opportunity.  She's getting to a point where I *think* she might be ready to have those training wheels taken off, but we'll see how it goes. 

She's the type of kid that might lose her $h!t if I take them off - but you never know.   In May, we go to Pennsylvania for a week and the kids ride their bikes for what seems like 20 hours a day.  I'd love for her to be training wheel free by then so she can do a little off roading.  

hello-olivia-photograph-long-island-photographer-family-little-girl-stickers-on face.jpg

Yep... this is my kid.  You leave them alone with a book filled with stickers and this is bound to happen.  I chose to NOT take the photo of my kitchen table and wood floors that were also filled with small VERY STICKY stickers.  FUN TIMES. 


Enjoy the rest of the week friends!

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