Trying something New - Long Island Photographer | Hello Olivia Photography

I'm trying something new!!! There are so many amazingly talented photographers out there that have ventured into video in the last few years and I have put it off long enough.  I'm making a collective effort to really learn how to make films!!!!

Shooting still photos give you a visual idea of whats going on, but films give you so much more.   I have a LOT to learn, but I'm loving the experience so far :)

Check out my January video.  I made mistakes. I have massive issues with keeping things steady, but I've learned SO MUCH already.  I have no idea why on earth I waited so long to take the plunge. 

To really learn the basics and get a good foundation, I'm starting a class this month with the wonderfully talented Xanthe Berkeley and can't wait to learning more about shooting film.  I set a personal goal of one completed film project a month to share.  Considering how much I like these, I may shoot more.  I love having these visual time capsules!! 

Now on with the 365... 

We had snow this week on Long Island, and I had my camera at the ready to capture our everyday moments:

Thinking more about goal setting - It's really been so important to me to document and shoot images everyday - that sometimes I get so focused on just getting that photo, or editing that photo or updating facebook or my blog, that it is taking time away from ACTUALLY DOING THINGS.  I've made a personal commitment to my family and myself to be less connected to social media in general so fingers crossed that I keep up with it   :)