Historic Farmhouse in Stroudsburg PA!

Normally each year, we have a birthday party at the house for Olivia.  Since there is just too much stuff going on with the start of Kindergarten the same week - we decided to skip it.  

The last Friday before school started,  I surprised Olivia with a trip to the Land of Make Believe!  It's one of her favorite places to be.  Since I only took my pentax to the park, we'll have to wait to upload those photos. 


The place we stayed was pretty amazing - loaded with big beautiful windows with antique glass, custom moldings and amazing natural light.  Yes please. 

After our Pennsylvania getaway,  we trekked it back home to Long Island to prepare for the Olivia's first day of Kindergarten. 


I expected her to be at least a little nervous about it, but she very honestly wasn't.  She was extremely excited to start this new adventure. 

She woke up at the crack of dawn and was super excited to go, go, go.  We packed up her book bag with all her school supplies (and it was HEAVY by the time it was fully loaded) and her lunch and off we went. 

When I dropped her off, I attempted to keep it together but it's just not possible to NOT get a little emotional.   I'm physically dropping my kid off with a bunch of strangers!  How will she find her class room?  How will she know what to do? What happens if she doesn't eat her lunch, WILL SHE STARVE TO DEATH?

All these thoughts swirled in my brain.

Then I found her - and saw this face: 


NOOOOOOOOOO - I lost it at that moment.  That face of "MOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM - Don't Go!!!!".  After a two minute pity party, I went home and paced the floors waiting for school to dismiss. 

When I finally picked her up, she  told me she had an AMAZING time with her teacher and new friends (Thank Goodness).  As soon as she got home, she feel asleep within seconds and was out for pretty much the rest of the night. 

Ironically, day two was pretty much the same thing.  What on earth do they do there?!


After an eventful first week of Kindergarten, Olivia also had ANOTHER milestone event.... Her 5th BIRTHDAY!!!!  We had a cake at the house and celebrated with Mexican Food and her favorite, Chuck E Cheese. 


And here are a few from the rest of our week: 





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