Girls Weekend in Pocono Manor and more - Long Island Photographer - Hello Olivia Photography

Once in a while, Groupon has some pretty amazing deals.  While randomly looking through their getaways, I found one of my favorite places, the Inn a Pocono Manor for super cheap. 

I was just having a conversation with my mother in law about having a girls weekend so I booked a night and we spent the weekend in the Poconos.  

While it was a bit of a rainy mess, we had a great time driving all over the place, spending lots of money and eating delicious foods. 

You might notice a complete lack of photos on my part.  Turns out I shot 90% of the trip on film.  Sooooooooo, you'll have to wait with me while I not so patiently wait for the rolls to be developed and scaned.

The rest of our week was the usual mix of work, school and driving around town doing things - the library, fingerpainting all over the place, ice cream dates of obviously a mandatory Target trip. 

On a separate note, I caved and bought the Sigma 15mm Fisheye to replace the Sigma 35 Art that I sold (I just never used it and ALWAYS grabbed for the 24 Art).  Um... Yeah. I was a bit of a curve to learn, but woah baby.  It really is pretty amazing... distortion and all.