Hellooooo August - Suffolk County NY Photographer - Hello Olivia Photography

August is almost over..... Say what?  Pumpkin Spice Lattes are being in released and my kiddo is starting Kindergarten in three weeks..... I don't know how to handle this guys!!!

I think for the most part that I'm ok with summer moving on.  Fall is by FAR my most favorite season (for the food ) - for the stunning colors (for the food), the brisk air (for the food), layered clothes (FOOOOOOOOOOOD), and oh - did I mention the food?  

Fall to me always means apple picking in New Paltz, cider donuts and the entire line up of amazing pumpkin spice flavored things from Trader Joes (which people FIGHT for!). 

However, now it's also going to mean the start of the school year, and all the fun, excitement and nervousness that goes with it.  

So anyway, rambling over. Here is a look at our last two weeks: