Out and About in Middle Island - Long Island Family Photographer - Hello Olivia

Hi Friends, 

This is what our 2nd week of June 2016 looked like:


The weather has been mostly hit and miss that past few days on Long Island.  Either beautiful, or Rain. 


Make that lots of rain, with some flooding.  We drove to Wading River for dinner, and there was literally a Wading River in the parking lot!  Of course, Olivia can not resist a muddy puddle of ANY KIND. 


Before going to pre-school, I normally put out Olivia's clothes the night before. Today, I let her pick out anything she wanted to wear.  This is what she picked - down to the accessories... and yes, she did her own hair too.  Why not? I had the WORST hair as a kid and I survived!


After school, we had to take a quick run to Walmart to pick up a few things.  We stopped at the playground and enjoyed the weather.  I only have my 85 on me from that morning, and made another attempt to freelens with it, bit lo and behold.... I think I figured it out! Like a total Epiphany!!!  Expect and overdose of 85mm freelens photos coming your way - SUPER SOON!