Finally getting around to blogging! Long Island Family Photographer - Hello Olivia

Why do I feel like the worst blogger on earth?  I totally had a plan at the beginning of if the year to blog every other day, and now if I'm lucky, I blog one a month!  I'm such a SLACKER!

Anywhoo, hooray for finally warm weather here on Long Island!!! The cloudy gray skies, the gross rain and cold temps have finally been replaced (mostly) but Sunshine and WARMTH. 

The best part - we finally get to make use of our season passes to Splish Splash! YAY!!!!!!!


Generally, we stick to the children and family areas, but I asked Olivia if she wanted to "very bravely" try some of the regular water slides (which I can't believe she is actually tall enough to go on!).   She shocked me by saying yes, and no joke -  went on every ride she was tall enough to go on! Sometimes twice and three times. Since the park only just opened, it was empty with ZERO wait for anything.  It was a total blast. 


Yeah.... this was all her. I have a feeling Dorothy, the superhero flying cowgirl from Oz is going to become a big thing.  Possibly even an Halloween thing (cool by me if I don;t have to spend any more $$$ on costumes!!!) 


Showing off her sweet new tattoos courtesy of Safe-T-Swim. 


On some of our rainier days, we stayed close to home, played dress up in the rain, had a serial killer makeover and jumped all over the place. 

The last few days have been pretty routine: 


Our night time ritual. Jammies, washed face or shower and two minutes of tooth brushing.  Sometimes those two minutes are like two seconds - but luckily she's not that good with getting away with that. 


On Thursday, I had to make a pitstop at the 7-11 and offered to get the kid a slurpee.  She's never had one before and my goodness, you'd think I gave water to a dying man in a desert.  She was so grateful and sweet - saying things like "Oh Mom, thank you so much" or "Oh mom, you are the best mommy ever" and "I really love you now, so so much".  Once the slurpee was empty and I wouldn't let her refill it, I was back to bad mommy again :(  It was nice though while it lasted. 


So, for this shot, I really suck at panning. I try and try, but it never seems to come easily to me. After figuring out a way to both balance my camera and take photos and run - I think I got a pretty decent shot.  One day though, the Middle Island King Kullen will finally kick me permanently out of their supermarket for all my photography related shenanigans and then I'm royally screwed, 


The last few days were filled with warm weather, sunshine and AMAZING light.  I honestly couldn't ask for anything better!