Happy Memorial Day! Long Island Family Photographer - Hello Olivia Photography

So, my little baby went on her first big camping trip on this lovely three day weekend! While I was sad to see her leave, I was 100% excited for her.  She loves spending 101 time with Daddy (as did I when I was a kid) .  

They travelled to Upstate NY to camp, chop wood and do whatever it is you do camping (I am not a camping type person.  I love the outdoors, but no toilets is a deal breaker for me). 

While they were away, I got to relax!!!!

I did work on editing some other photos from the week though, to give me a break and some fresh eyes while editing my sessions. 


Oh, and making baby announcements for my sister:


On Sunday, imagine my surprise when this little one came home a day early!  It was like 90 degrees update during the day and pretty unbearable, so they decided to cut the trip short.  

I swear that in those two days, this kid grew in leaps and bounds!!!!


On Memorial Day, we have a pretty torrential downpour.  It would have been an amazing day to sleep in, but Olivia had other plans....


We even lost power for a few hours which was rough, but luckily some things don't require electricity! 


And lastly, a part of an assignment I'm doing concerning Music and Emotion and how it affects us.  I obviously listen to a lot of emo music.