Long Island Family Photographer - Hello Olivia Photography -Weekly Wrap up!

So after days and days of rain and overcast skys, the sun finally showed up at the end of the week on Long Island! Yay!!!


Coming back from our trip to the Poconos and going back to the daily grind can be rough.  Olivia was a little bummed out coming home too, especially with not having all her cousins around every moment of the day - however we tried to do things to keep her happy and busy. 


Lots of playing outside...


As you can see, the cat REALLLLLLY missed her.  Whomp whomp. 


Saturday was finally the first nice day in a long time.   I gave her the option of going to Advernturland in Farmingdale or go to Chuck E Cheese in Patchogue.  Care to guess where we went? It was not even a thought. Card board pizza and a dressed up rat for us!!!!


Not sure if you noticed, but the whole freelensing thing has turned into something pretty revolutionary for me.  It's like I can't take a regular photo anymore without feeling likes its missing something.   

So keeping in line with creative shooting,  I placed a bid on a lens on a whim and bid the starting bid. There was no way in heck I was going to win the auction because stuff like that doesn't ever happen. 

As you can see as evidence of my last three photos - you are looking at the proud new owner of a pristine 24mm TS-E F/3.5.   Pure MAGICAL goodness!!!! 

Lastly - I put out an APB on my Facebook page about Mini Sessions.  I have an idea in my head that I want to try to make work. 20-30 minute session, at least 10 images of your kid/family doing their thing in their element for 150.00.  Feel free to send me an email if this seems like this might be a good fit.  It's an excellent way to slowly ease into the awesome realness of lifestyle photography!!!!

Just dooooooo it!