Long Island Family Portrait Photographer| Days 91 and 92 (I think!) - Hello Olivia Photography

Some Days, I'll be super uninspired and have no clue what to shoot.  It happens to all of us occasionally.  Then there are days where the stars align and you make some magic. 

Luckily today was that day for this guy! 


I have only one window in my entire home that has direct sun light (I totally bought my house before I really got hard core into photography.... BIG MISTAKE)! So, earlier in the week, I noticed the most crazy light in the hallway of that room:


The sad part though, is that that kind of light is fleeting.  It lasted for exactly 2 minutes and was gone.  The next few days afterward were overcast - meaning not magic light for me :( 

Imagine my happiness though when I came home yesterday just in time for the most amazing light coming through that window again!  This time, I grabbed my kid and shot away, as she danced around with her magic wand....


I'm not kidding when I say this is probably my favorite photo ever.  Hands down winner. 


<3 Kristina