Long Island Family Photographer - Hello Olivia Photography Days 57 - 61/366

Wow am I behind! We went on a mini vacation to the Poconos, so I'm playing catchup with my edits and postings! 

Day 57: 

Hard Light 

Hard Light 

Ipad Light

Ipad Light

So I sorta kinda treated myself to a new lens today - they Sigma 24 Art!  Oh my word, it's like a match made in heaven.  I also have the 35 art and love it as well, but the 24 is just a bit more "Me" if that makes any sense.  I'm pretty much the only weirdo out there that shoots with a 24 and 200 exclusively (although I will break out the 85 come summer!). 

Day 58: 


Day 58 was all about getting ready for our 3 day trip to Pennsylvania! We had to pack, clean the house and clean the messy kid that got filthy playing outside with mommy!

Days 59-61


I honestly tried not to take too many photos, since I didn't want to drive anyone too crazy! We had a great relaxing trip with tons of great food, shopping and some swimming!