Days 74+75 Long Island Family Portrait Photographer - Hello Olivia Photography

Monday was a bit of a milestone for us - enrolling Olivia into Kindergarten! It really blows my mind that not only will she be FIVE this year, but that she's also going to public school!  I vividly remember my first day of kindergarten - My mom walking me to the school and me crying that I had to leave her...   I think it's pretty obvious that I am going to cry like a baby after she leaves on the bus!!!  Olivia however is extremely excited about going to her big girl school and taking the big yellow bus to get there!


Today was all about different types of artificial light - Tech Light, Ice Light and OCF. 

Tuesday, we were all back to work and Pre-K.  Although daylight savings is over (thank goodness), it hasn't helped that the sun has not come out to greet us....  More artificial light today too! Perhaps I'm taking so many moody pics because it freaks me out that my daughter is seriously growing up right before my eyes!