Days 32-34/366 - Long Island Lifestyle Portrait and Lifestyle Photographer

The Paper Heart  Project

The Paper Heart  Project

Day 32 was the start of The Heart Project.  Knowing several people who have CHD, this project is very near and dear to my heart.  Here is more information on the project, by it's founder Danielle Awwad:

February is heart health and awareness month. Photographers and families having been touched somehow by CHD [ Congenital Heart Defects ] are coming together to support and spread awareness about CHD.
The Paper Heart Project, founded by Danielle Awwad was created to help enlighten the world about the story behind CHD and it’s survivors.
To take part in the Paper Heart Project, all you have to do is take a picture of someone or something holding a paper heart and share it on social media!
If the person holding the heart has Congenital Heart Defects be sure to add a zipper to the heart! Also make sure to hashtag ‪#‎CHDawareness‬ ‪#‎Paperheartproject‬ to have your heart image seen everywhere.

Day 33 was great.  I was actually able to take photos in DAYLIGHT!!! Whooooooo!!!  I work in Woodbury and live in Middle Island, so by the time I get home from my day job, its pitch black.    Today was mu lucky day - I grabbed my camera, grabbed my girl and shot with the last 5 minutes of sunlight to spare. 

Yes…. she THREW IT AT ME!!!!!

Yes…. she THREW IT AT ME!!!!!

Finally, day 34 was all about getting Olivia's pre-k Valentine's done.   Please not think I'm that supermom that always participates in the classroom, or typically get things like this done early… I forget to bring stuff in for ever holiday, every school party etc.   Olivia was the one to remind me tirelessly to get these done…. and we did it!


Hope everyone had an amazing week!!!