Long Island Family Photographer - Hello Olivia Photography Day 50-51/366

Day 50 - Yes....again with Target. 

Day 50 - Yes....again with Target. 

I know, I know.  We seriously go to Target a lot.  Possibly more than the normal person does, but it gets us out of the house and I generally do need to go there (other than to take photos when I run out of other ideas... I swear!).

So this is my real photo for the day: 


I seriously love dynamic lighting  - normally I always convert these to black and white, but I decided to try something different and go for color.   Olivia was a good sport modeling for my ice light tonight.  After we spent a minute taking the photo I let her use the light as it should be intended... as a light saber of course. 

Day 51

Today we took a trip out to the Orient and Greenport -the east end of the North Fork of Long Island.  People rave about Montauk and the Hamptons, but we are 100% North Shore peeps. 

North Shore = Rocky Beaches

North Shore = Rocky Beaches

Today was a surprisingly mild day, so we took a trip to the beach in East Marion.  Olivia was on the hunt for beach glass and scallop shells. 


We stopped at a Local Farm in Peconic. 


We stopped at a toy store/surf shop in Greenport and of all the things this kid could have wanted, she picked a turquoise blue Ukulele. 

Hello-olivia-photography-Monday - Blurmotion.jpg

No trip out to Greenport is complete without a trip to the Carousel!  I took about a 100 images of Liv on that carousel to try and get a panned image.  This is about as good as it gets from me.

We really had an awesome day today! Hope everyone out there is enjoying their weekends too!!!!


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