Long Island Lifestyle Photographer - Hello Olivia Photography 46-47/366

So now that our weekend is over, it's back to our usual routines.  I go back to work, Olivia goes back to pre-k.  Since Kindergarten is looming over us this coming September, I really want to encourage Olivia to get more accustomed to sight words and eventually get her ready for reading.   I honestly have no idea what I'm doing.   Olivia is one of those kids that loves to be read too.  She sits patiently in circle time and loves when we read to her.  

HOWEVER, when it comes to hear to doing the work - she gets antsy, bored and gets disinterested quickly.  She knows a few sight words (The, To, We, Will, Fly, Like, etc) but I wonder if I'm going about this the right way.  If anyone has any suggestions about this topic - please let me know!!!. 

So, for day 46 as a reward to Olivia for reading the book We Will Fly, we did some arts and crafts.   Back in the day, I used to be an avid scrapbooker (until photography took over my life!).  I still have a ton of paper and supplies - which have now turned into Olivia's.  For our project, we punched about a thousand little pink paper hearts.  

In an effort to continue raising awareness for Congenital Heart Defects (see post here), we took this photo: 


We made a huge mess, but it was well worth it.  Olivia had fun throwing her hearts everywhere and I had fun watching her. 

On Day 47, my husband was home sick so Olivia stayed home from school to keep him company.   Normally, whenever they are alone together all day, there are a few tell tale signs that Daddy was in charge. 

1 - Olivia dressed herself.  She picks the craziest clothing combos. Christmas Dress+Skirt, Tank Top + Winter paints and today - her red Valentines sweater with teal owl jammie pants.

2.  Hair has not seen a brush the entire day.  It was a frightful mess today. 

3.  Dirty face.  This time loaded with Oreo Crumbs. 

4. House is an absolute mess.  

Thank you Jesus the house was actually not too bad today!  As soon as I walked in the door my husband shushed me though and said quietly... "You better get your camera".   

I did as he told me and walked into this scene: 


She was having a very detailed conversation with Grammy about future Target purchases.  She was very into her conversation an barely noticed me. This kid is seriously out of control!