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Hopefully everyone stayed warm for the big freeze on Long Island.  This weekend, we experienced single digit temps and wind chills of -20.   Based on those weather reports, this was a stay in weekend for us!

On Saturday, Olivia had a big sleepover planned with her two cousins.  She literally waited at this window all day for her guests to arrive. 


Every half hour, Olivia said "Mooooooom, when are they coming????"  Finally by 6pm, her guests arrived and pure chaos ensued.  We made tacos, marshmallows and rice crispy treats. 

At bedtime, we set up a big 2 person sleeping bag in our spare room for everyone to sleep in. I think everyone was finally asleep by about 10:30pm... but then you all woke up at 6am ready to party. I was a zombie at that point and don't remember anything else.  

Sunday, after our guests went home, we set up your easel so you could paint.  Since today is Valentines Day, you wanted to paint a "Rainbow Heart" for Valentine, Daddy.  


Afterwards, mommy was exhausted and needed a nap.  When I woke up, it was surprisingly quiet. Quiet in our house is never a good thing - so after some investigating, I found you in the bathroom playing with my makeup again.   You put on the foundation, bronzer and lip liner yourself.  You handed me the eye pencil and specifically asked for help with your eyes!!!

Since I knew you needed a bath anyway, I helped you finish your makeup and this was the final result: 


This kid is 100% pure DIVA - ALL GIRL.   The complete opposite of her tom boy mom!

Hope everyone had a safe and WARM weekend!


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