Week 48 & 49 - The end is almost here!!!! | Hello Olivia Photography

Can it beeeeeee? Another 365 is almost in the books. That's three full years you guys!!!  I have to say that that I am super excited for all of the things that came in 2016 and certainly proud of all the new things I've learned on this little journey of mine. 

As I made my goals and plans for 2016, I tried to keep it simple and manageable and I really think it worked for me.  While I'm not processing I've actually mastered anything or I'm some world class photographer - I'm truly happy with the growth I've seen in my storytelling and that I've found *some* sort of balance between Home/Family/Work/Photography. 

I think my biggest challenge this year was diving into the unknown world of film, however it really turned out to be the biggest reward.  I feel like I'm more purposeful, I shoot less and live in the moment more - and all of that has made the transition into the digital realm as well. Before I would shoot hundreds of photos to get one or two shots.  How I shoot 5 and have 4 that work for the story I want to tell.  

Anyway, this all leads me to the next chapter.... What's Next.  Am I going for year 4? What big plans do I have?

Honestly, I'm about 99% sure another 365 is happening, but I'm thinking of changing it up. Either incorporating more film, or having a 30 day / 1 shot film challenge (that would be interesting), and 100 days of summer dedicated to film or if I somehow win lotto - a 365 of only film.... (Maybe one day!)

Concerning new things on the agenda to tackle for 2017 - I'm taking an amazing IN PERSON workshop in Denver in June and as of right now, I don't have much else in the works.   I'll have to start thinking of things I want to tackle as 2016 comes to a close. 

Enough of my rambling for one night - heres a look at the last two weeks!





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