Week 43-46- Long Island Lifestyle Photographer / Hello Olivia

How on earth is it mid November already? Seriously, wasn't it summer just a few days ago????   With school, work and client sessions, Fall has literally past by in a blink of an eye.   It's CRAY!!!

So, to be perfectly honestly with you all - I need to share a bit of a secret. I hate this leg of my 365.  I STRUGGLE every year - and each year, it gets a bit harder.  There are only so many ways to recreate the wheel, and taking images from November-March is a ROUGH go. 

I have countless IPAD shots, Countless OCF shots.  I honestly need more. I'm so board shooting the same stuff using the same techniques - so I'm going to really attempt to branch out into a genre that I normally avoid. Street Photography.  Not "real" street photography - but my own spin. I'm going to make the attempt to shoot at night, using available light just doing the things we do - just being out and about on Long Island.  I'm hoping it will give me the creative push I need to keep going through the winter months. 

So, with all that whining and complaining over with, here is our week: 

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