Week 41... and 42 too. Hello Olivia - Long Island Photographer

Oh blogging.... why is it always the last possible thing I have time for? 


Now that fall is completely in full swing, I have this constant need to "do stuff" in the fall. Probably since our daylight is numbered and the nice days are going to become a thing of the past as the dreaded winter months are coming. 

We took a trip to suffolk farm to enjoy the animals and the almost barren pumpkin patch - but luckily we found a few keepers to take home. 


We also had some time to visit my beloved New Paltz to get in some apple and pumpkin picking.  We honestly couldn't have picked a better day - they weather was gorgeous!

Otherwise, the remainder of our days was filed with work, school and ample amounts of homework and housework (my favorite). 

Until next week!!! 

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