2/366 At the Diner - Long Island Children's Photographer


We had a girls only day today! While the husband was camping, Olivia wanted to go to the pancake place - otherwise known as the Cookroom in Coram.  While she usually does get pancakes (the Red Velvet are beyond amazing), she opted for bacon, scrambled eggs and toast this go around.   I was pretty impressed with how much she ate.   I'd say about 2/3 of the plate was empty by the time she was done. I technically cheated today on Weight Watchers, but well.... Ugh.  No Comment on that one. 

After breakfast, we took a trip to visit her cousins. 


While I normally try not to lug my gigantic camera stuff with me everywhere I go, I just happened to have it.  I've been promising photos of the girls for AGES.  While today wasn't exactly the ideal time to take portraits (Very windy and very cold), we did it anyway. We took a trip to Island Trees High school and took a few photos on the turf field. I'm not sure if you can tell how FREEZING it was, but I'm pretty sure my fingers where semi frozen by the time we were finished (Note to self - you bought fingerless gloves... it's time to break them out and use them). 


I really hope winter flies.  I need Spring/Summer in my life in the worst way. Only like, three more months to go :(