14-16 / 366 - Long Island Family Photographer

I can not believe January is half over already. 


So I took these two photos to show the difference between a photographers child and a non photographers child. Liam on the left, is inquisitive and happy to have his photo taken, where as my kid (both shots taken in the Chuck E Cheese bathroom in Patchogue, btw), looks serious and angry! She is not pleased when I break the camera out in strange places...  Oh well!

Day 15 was weird. 


I very honestly had every intention of skipping today.  Blasphemy I know!!! I caught some type of bug and had to lay down most of the day.  As it got closer to the evening, Olivia also wasn't feeling well. We both slept most of the night and woke up at about 8pm.  Somehow, we both felt a billion times better and day 15 was documented for the record. (Btw, anytime you see a bathroom photo from me, those are my I ran out of time standby's). 

Day 16


Have you ever played mousetrap? Like for real played the game?  I've set that game up a million times as a kid, and set it up for the first time with Olivia today.  I'm convinced people only set the trap over and over again.   Thats was the only thing Olivia wanted to do and I vividly recall doing the exact same thing when I was a kid too!

And lastly, my P52 Submission to the Me Project:


The theme this week is Uniquely Me.  I sometimes wonder if I need to limit my time in front of my electronic devices - most notably social media. As much as I want to unplug, it's sooooooooo hard. 

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