The Start of Another 365...well make that 366 - Long Island Documentary Photographer



So it looks like we're at it again! 

This will be year number 3 of this little project.  731 days worth of photos. 731 days worth of memories preserved in time that would have otherwise been forgotten. Memories that not only I can look back on - but memories my daughter and perhaps her family can one day look back on too. 

Taking a photo a day is a relatively easy thing to do. Just snap and done.  No sweat. Nothing fancy.  Ideally, I'd love a photo of my daughter just doing her thing, and letting her big personality shine through.  No cheese face, no "Olivia, look at the camera". Nothing forced. 

My one big issue though is trying to clean things up, pretty up the frame and make everything picture perfect... but my New Years resolution to myself is to try my hardest to stop that, and just allow the moment to happen organically and naturally. A true documentary style photo, that reflects the actual moment, versus a lifestyle image that shows the moment, just in a stylized way. 

Beware friends... you may see a dirty sink full of dishes and clothes on the floor :shudder: 

So, for this years 366, I'm setting up some rules.  I normally don't like rules, but I think I need them this year.  

  • Rule 1:  Just take the photo - I will TRY to embrace imperfections and clutter.  

  • Rule 2: Get in the frame. We are a family of three and I'm pretty sure I can count on one hand the amount of photos we are all in together.   That needs to change. 

  • Rule 3: Stop editing everyday. I'm chained to the computer way to often. My reading list is out of control and I need to get on it!

That's it!  Everything else is fair game.  Wish me luck guys!