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Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! Merry EVERYTHING!


I can't tell you how excited Olivia was to open her Christmas presents this year.  

We put a small light up tree in her room and it was a very big deal to her.   As all the gifts started to accumulate in her room, she could hardly contain her excitement and asked everyday when it would be Christmas so she could open her gifts. 


This Christmas we really tried to keep the toys to a minimum, instead focusing on things to do (Peppa Pig Tickets, Gazillion Bubble Show) and things she needs (Clothes, shoes and new books). 

Her favorite gift of all though was a Kit Kittredge American Doll. Olivia was seriously besides herself. 

Grammy always thinks up the best gifts.  She also got an adorable metal framed bed set for her doll to sleep in, a set of jammies with matching slippers, a few sets of  clothes and tons of accessories.... Definitely the best possible gift for this girly girl. 

Olivia was thrilled to have a doll that "Looks just like ME!" and wants to get matching outfits so they can be twins!



The Next Day we took Olivia to NYC to see the tree at Rockefeller center. My husband and I have been going every year since we've been together - 16 years!!! Normally we go before Christmas, but it's just been too busy for everyone. 


Going the day after Christmas however was pretty awesome, and definitely something I would do again.  It was pretty empty in the city (as empty as Manhattan can possibly be anyways). 

As you can see, Olivia was delighted to see the Gigantic tree.  My husband... he's OVER IT! Hope everyone else out there had a wonderful holiday! 

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