Finding inspiration - Long Island Family Photographer

December 31st marks the end of another 365 in the books.  It's a little crazy that I have two years worth of photographs documenting my life.   As time moves on however, I sometimes feel like I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel for ideas of what to take photos of…. especially when my daughter isn't in the mood. 

Thank goodness for things like Facebook, pinterest and even internet advertising to give me inspiration!  My sister sent me this Nordstrom ad yesterday, knowing I got Olivia red Hunter Boots for Christmas:


This is one of those photos, where I immediatly knew I had to recreate it.  I had the boots and I have a red wreath that I purchased from Target hanging on my front door.  Even though those boots are technically for Christmas, I let Olivia wear them (So she was super happy) and other than opening the front door and handing Olivia a wreath to hold, the scene was set up and I was ready to shoot away. 

When you have a vision in your head and direction for how you want a photo to look, it's amazing how quickly it comes together. Two quick photos of my daughter on the front porch and we were done. 

Happy Olivia that I wasn't shooting for more than a minute and happy mom for getting a display worthy shot. 

Here is my interpretation of the ad:


Definitely a favorite. Now to find an empty space somewhere in my house to display this!!!